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Sectors we serve

We are a development communication agency working in rural, development and dairy sector for over 27 years. Our areas of interest are below.


We are consulting NDDB-Dairy Services in supporting their initiatives in Bihar, Punjab, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh in developing IEC materials and training films for the members of Milk Producers Companies of these states. Milk Unions and Federation of Punjab, Haryana, Bihar, Wes Bengal, Uttrakahand and Maharashtara are our esteem clients whom we have supported in diary farmers extension

Rural Development

We are supporting almost all Division of Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India in documenting their success stories and training needs on video. The division or programme we have supported are; PMGSY, MGNREGA, DDUGKY, SAGY, NRLM and SRLM. We have consulted Ministry of Panchayati Raj, Govt. of India implementing and piloting innovative rural communication strategy

Health & Nutrition

We have developed communication strategy for “ Mother and child ” . Health & Nutrition for department of science and technology , Good of India in collaboration with HHF_ India supported unicef and Department of Health and Family welfare. Goods of Bihar Most-India (U.S.A) micronutrient program in India is processing and lunch of Nitra jyoti abhiyan and Jharkhand jyoti abhiyan for Vitimin ‘A’ replenishment Program in the state.


We have supported Haryana Agriculture Department, Sugarcane Development Department of Bihar, Agriculture Department of Govt. of Bihar, Tribal Development Depart of Gujrat, World Bank supported ICZMP Project of Gujarat from Research & Evaluation, advocacy and communication perspective


  • Development of Communication Strategy
  • Social Media Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Research & Evaluation
  • IT Solutions
  • AR/VR Solutions

Knowledge Management

  • Development of Communication Strategy
  • Social Media Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Research & Evaluation
  • IT Solutions
  • AR/VR Solutions

Electronic Media

If you are ready to be the part of the development taking place in the country, Icon communications gives you wings.

  • Designing & Developing content for electronic media
  • Creative capturing of events and processes
  • Documentaries & Social Commercials
  • Training Films
  • Documentation of Success Stories

Print Media

No development or marketing strategy is complete without the application of print media. ICON communications integrate this very approach innovatively to make print media deliver.

In Icon communications, the print production department has the responsibility of turning a creative idea into printed material, for development of Press Ad, magazine, newspaper ad, brochure, leaflets or poster. We are well equipped to handle small or large volumes of print production projects.

Along with best creative minds in the industry, we can boast of having printing professionals who are knowledgeable and well experienced to realize print production. We have the ability to work in fast paced environment while keeping a high degree of accuracy. We have our own fortnightly newspaper which goes to villages piggy-backing milk cooperatives to reach a large captive audience.

Social Media

Having emerged as one the most engaging online platforms, social media is the place to be, for brands looking to forge deeper connections with their customers. We ensure that a brand's key message is effectively communicated through relevant social media platforms.

Today's social networks have become more than a space for serious chatter and the sharing of information. Optimizing your brands presence on these platforms is more than simply about promoting its identity through campaigns, but also about intelligently marketing its values and philosophies.

Our team of experts utilizes all tools at their disposal and analyzes data gathered from each platform to find the best solutions for your brands visibility and reach. Our connections with reputed influencers and teams across various channels and genres allow us to create campaigns that will optimally serve your brands interest on social media.

Software Solutions

We are developing, designing and implementing software solution for clients in commercial and development Sector.

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